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Samskarika Vedhi

 Samskarika Vedhi Presents Arnav Benoy, Anuva Benoy, Kevin Titus & Aideen Titus

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COVID-19 update

A message from Martin Jose please watch and share to those who have been affected. If you need any help, Please Contact no.07737646314, 07882435486, 07737726264, 07735352264, 07792146932, 07940415066 .Thanks High Commission Registration Link ­čĹć Once registered the high commission will contact them and update them with any help or updating the scheduling of flights

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Thresiamma philip

Dear CMA members This is to inform you that, our bary reji Philip chetan,’s mother Thresiamma philip (83) has gone to the eternal peace last night (10/2/20). Heartfelt condolences and prayers from CMA committee.

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George Thayil

Dear all We are sorry to inform you the demise of George Thayil.(6/11/19) He is the father of our Thankachan Thayil . CMA team expresses our heartfelt condolences and prayers to Thayil families and other near and dear ones of the departed soul. May his soul rest in peace. RIP.

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MR. K N Mohanan

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